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10 with Dr. Jen!

As summer progresses, it becomes more apparent that the COVID-19 vaccination boom we saw in the spring is slowing down significantly; even though around 60% of Valley residents are fully vaccinated, it’s crucial to tackle the remaining holdouts.

While clinical trials of the vaccine are currently being conducted on children under the age of twelve, the results of these efforts will not be available until at least October of this year, leaving young, unvaccinated children particularly vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. As such, it becomes duly important to inch closer to herd immunity, if only to protect this portion of the population.

With this in mind, the NVHD has partnered with community physician Dr. Jennifer Ju to create an educational video addressing some of the most pervasive concerns contributing to vaccine hesitancy. As other countries around the world employ doctors to use their medical authority and trusting relationships with patients to provide counselling to vaccine skeptics, we looked to Dr. Ju; while she is undeniably confident and knowledgeable, she is also warm and personable, a combination we believe will resonate with many different people.

In this video, Dr. Ju addresses several major areas of concern among vaccine holdouts: the expedited production of the vaccine, vaccine safety, and myths about herd immunity. The goal of the presentation is to validate the layman’s concerns and answer potential questions in a simple way; we wanted to emulate a real conversation one might have with their trusted physician in the safety and privacy of an office, as opposed to an impersonal, highly technical lecture.

Please, share this video on your platforms. We simply cannot let the vaccine effort fizzle out before we reach full immunity, and it is imperative we do everything we can to reach those who are hanging back.

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