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June is National Healthy Homes Month!

June is National Healthy Homes Month! 

If your house was built before 1978, your children and/or tenants may be at risk for lead poisoning

Elevated levels of lead in the blood can cause serious problems in children:

  • Learning disabilities – Attention deficit disorder
  • Hearing damage, speech, language, and behavior problems
  • Poor muscle growth & coordination
  • Other physical & psychological problems

Lead Poisoning is 100% Preventable!!

Reduce your risk:

  • Have your child tested for an elevated blood lead level with a simple blood test. Children ages 9 months to 3 years should be tested once a year
  • Have your pre-1978 home or rental property tested for the presence of lead-paint hazards
  • Learn and always apply lead-safe work practices when repairing, renovating and cleaning your property
  • Remember lead hazard reduction should only be performed by licensed contractors

Naugatuck Valley Health District’s NauVEL Program can help!

$$ Grants available to remove lead hazards from your home $$

Apply NOW to receive: 

  • Inspections and plans for lead and home safety hazard removal
  • Financial assistance to remediate hazards

NauVEL = Naugatuck Valley Emends Lead Hazards

Naugatuck Valley Health District, Attn: NauVEL
98 Bank Street, Seymour CT 06483
Tel: 203.881.3255

Carol Slajda, Program Manager

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