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RADON KITS – No Longer Available from NVHD

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2, 2021: NVHD has exhausted its supply of free radon home test kits. You can also purchase a test kit by calling the American Lung Association of Connecticut directly at 1-800-LUNG USA or by going online at Radon kits are also available direct from Air Chek and are usually available at your local hardware store.


National Radon Action month


[Seymour] – – The month of January has been designated as Radon Action Month in Connecticut.  The Connecticut Department of Public Health, the American Lung Association of Connecticut, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency urge you to test your home for radon, and, if necessary, mitigate high levels, when found.

Radon is a naturally occurring colorless and odorless radioactive gas.  Radon enters the home through small cracks and holes in the basement.  At levels above 4 picocuries per liter it can increase one’s risk of getting lung cancer.  Public health officials have found that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S., behind cigarette smoking and the leading cause among non-smokers.  If you smoke cigarettes and have radon in your home, then your risk of getting lung cancer is even greater.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention an estimated 15,000-30,000 U.S. citizens die from radon-induced lung cancer each year.

“We live in an area of the country where elevated radon levels in homes are quite common,” says Jessica Kristy, Director of Health.  “Most of Connecticut is located in a zone where there is a high to moderate potential for having a radon issue in the air or water in one’s home. Yet, very few people are testing for radon.  Now is a good time of year to test.”

The only way to find out if your home has radon is to test for it.  The heating season is the best time to test for radon because your home is closed up, and radon levels tend to build up indoors.  The Department of Public Health, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the American Lung Association of Connecticut are partnering together to promote radon testing and mitigation during Radon Action Month.

Call the Naugatuck Valley Health District to receive a free home test kit at (203) 881-3255 ext. 108. Supplies are limited so call today! You can also purchase a test kit by calling the American Lung Association of Connecticut directly at 1-800-LUNG USA or by going online at

For additional information on radon, contact your local health department at (203) 881-3255 or the Connecticut Department of Public Health Radon Program at (860) 509-7367 or visit the CT DPH website at


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