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Food Establishment Rating System

Uncle G’s Smoke Shack
117 Main St.
Derby CT
Last inspected on: 02/22/2016

What does a “D” rating mean?

A food service establishment having a rating score of less than 80 or any establishment with one or more uncorrected critical four point violations. An establishment with five or more risk factor violations, or the presence of any chronic, previously identified risk factor violations that have not been corrected. The establishment exhibited poor compliance with the provisions of the Public Health Code at the time of inspection.

If you would like more detailed information, our inspection reports are available for review at the NVHD office 98 Bank St. Seymour during normal business hours Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:00pm.

All food service establishments must post their most current Rating in a conspicuous location clearly visible to the public near the current permit and it must remain posted until the next scheduled inspection. If the owner or Qualified Food Operator (QFO), appeals the rating and requests a re-inspection, the Rating does not have to be posted until the requested re-inspection is completed.

Past Ratings

  • 3
    - 11/23/2015
  • 0
    - 10/30/2015

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