NVHD is closing at 2:30PM on Tuesday, March 14 due to the inclement weather.


The Naugatuck Valley Health District has a professional and experienced staff dedicated to promoting optimal health and a healthy environment. You can reach NVHD staff at 203-881-3255 and WIC staff at 203-888-1271.

To file a complaint with the health district, please call 203-881-3255 x 100, complaints will not be received via email or electronic submission.


Director of Health

Jessica Kristy, MPH
Director of Health
E: jkristy@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 103


Lisa McEachern
Business Manager
E: lmceachern@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 106

Judith Waleski
Administrative Assistant
E: jwaleski@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 100

Rose Carey
Administrative Assistant
E: rcarey@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 101

Environmental Health Services

Melanie Dokla, BS, RS
Assistant Director of Environmental Health Services
E: mdokla@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 105

Rich Jackson, RS, CSS
Head Sanitarian
E: rjackson@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 115

John Mucha, BS
E: jmucha@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 112

Nicolette Arrotti, MPH, RS
Registered Sanitarian
E: narrotti@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 124

Mike Hughes, RS
Registered Sanitarian
E: mhughes@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 114

Amanda Michaud, BS
Housing Code Enforcement Officer/Sanitarian
E: amichaud@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 113

*NVHD may also contract with part time licensed sanitarians for inspections performed after-hours or on weekends.

Community Health Services

Carissa Caserta, MPH
Assistant Director of Community Health Services
E: ccaserta@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 104

Kristie D’Averso, RN
Public Health Nurse
E: kdaverso@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x107

Lisa Trupp, CCHW
Health Educator
E: ltrupp@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x108

Elizabeth M. Green, BS
Immunization Action Plan (IAP) Program Coordinator
E: egreen@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 109

Nancy Serrano
COVID-19 Immunization Action Plan (CAP) Program Coordinator
E: nserrano@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 125

Vanessa Lopez
Community Outreach Worker
COVID-19 Immunization Action Plan (CAP) Program
E: vlopez@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 126

*NVHD may also contract with part time licensed medical professionals for clinic or community health programming support.

Public Health Programs

Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator
P: 203-881-3255

Joan Lane, MPH
Public Health Specialist/Accreditation Coordinator
E: jlane@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x 111

Paulina Cherkasov
Surveillance & Outbreak Response Team Coordinator
E: pcherkasov@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x116

Beatriz Allen
Surveillance & Outbreak Response Team Program Specialist
E: ballen@nvhd.org
P: 203-881-3255 x117

Barbara Devlin-Furia
Surveillance & Outbreak Response Team Program Assistant
E: bdevlin-furia@nvhd.org


Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program

Seymour: 203-888-1271

Please call 203-888-1271 to inquire about satellite offices in: Naugatuck, Shelton and Derby