You never know what form danger will take…when disaster will strike…or how much devastation can happen. Sadly, people often live through the disaster only to suffer later because they’re not prepared for what comes after. This is where a few simple steps to prepare could mean the difference between making it safely through a disaster or not for you – and your family.

Would you know what to do to keep your family safe? Could you survive without electricity or being able to buy food and water for days at a time?

Both this website, and the downloadable “Guide To Emergency Preparedness” will teach you “what” and “what not” to do to keep you safe in an emergency situation.

No one can predict where, or when, a natural or man-made disaster will happen. But you can get through it, if…you learn to live prepared.

Helpful guides to prepare:
Hurricane Prep

Winter Storm Prep

Family Communications Plan: Parents

Family Communications Plan: Kids

to request a copy of “Guide To Emergency Preparedness” to be mailed to you, visit this link Preparedness Guide